elearning course on Audit of Disaster Management, October-November 2015

One of the first support activities in the  IDI-ASOSAI 3i Cooperative Audit Programme on Audit of Disaster Management was a firve week elearning course from 5 October to 6 November 2015. 54 participants from 18 SAIs participated in the eLearning course.

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Product development meeting held in Oslo for Cooperative Audits on procurement issues

The IDI launched a cooperative audit programme for SAIs of PASAI region to enhancing their capacity in conducting ISSAI based compliance audit of procurement issues. The programme includes a face to face workshop on audit of procurement and then online plan development and a review meeting.

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EUROSAI iCAT review workshop held for SAI Bosnia and Herzegovina

During the week of 12 to 16 October 2015 the IDI engaged with SAI Bosnia and Herzegovina to provide SAI level support to  review the iCATs on performance, compliance and financial audits.

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3i ARABOSAI Workshop on ISSAI Implementation Held in Morocco, June 2015

ARABOSAI 3i workshop on ISSAI Implementation was held in Morocco from 26 May-12 June 2015. Eighty-eight participants from sixteen SAIs of ARABOSAI region participated in the meeting who have been selected through an online test.

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eLearning Course Design meeting for 3i Cooperative Performance Audit of Poverty Alleviation

As a part of the 3i programme in OLACEFS the IDI and OLACEFS are facilitating a Cooperative Performance Audit of Poverty Alleviation Programme for 10 SAIs. In the programme IDI’s new cooperative audit model will be followed as well as the audit will also help test concepts of risk and assurance in a performance audit.

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Workshop on INTOSAI Competency Framework for auditors conducted in Oslo

As part of the 3i Programme Phase-II, a workshop on INTOSAI Competency Framework for auditors was held in Oslo, Norway from 17-19 June 2015. 21 participants from different INTOSAI regions e.g. AFROSAI, ASOSAI, OLACEFS, EUROSAI, CAROSAI, INTOSAI CBC, and INTOSAI General Secretariat attended the workshop.

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