3i CREFIAF Workshop on ISSAI Implementation- Performance Audit held in Cameroon, November 2015

CREFIAF 3i workshop on ISSAI Implementation - Performance Audit, was held in Cameroon from 02- 20 November 2015. 31 selected participants from sixteen SAIs of CREFIAF region participated in the meeting who have been selected through an online test.

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Workshop on PASAI Cooperative Compliance Audit of Procurement

As part of the IDI-PASAI ISSAI based Cooperative audit programme on audit of procurement  the Workshop on Audit of procurement was held in Auckland, New Zealand from 9 to 20 November 2015. 26 participants from 11 SAIs participated at the workshop. 

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IDI- CREFIAF 3i Management Workshop held in Cameroon

IDI- CREFIAF 3i Management Workshop held in Cameroon from 9 to 11 December 2014. In the workshop SAIs discussed a range of ISSAI implementation topics, products and ideas regarding implementation of ISSAIs. 

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ARABOSAI 3i Workshop on iCAT Review and facilitating ISSAIs held

iCAT review workshops for financial, performance and compliance audits were held in Kuwait from 16-21 November 2015. The objective of the iCAT review workshops was to provide expert and peer feedback on the iCATs conducted.

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OLACEFS iCAT Review Workshop Held in Dominican Republic

3i Programme OLACEFS iCAT Review Workshop was held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic from December 7 to 11, 2015. 28 participants from 11 SAIs attended the workshop.

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OLACEFS eLearning course on Performance Audit of Poverty Alleviation delivered

The 6 week long eLearning course on Performance Audit of Poverty Alleviation was delivered from October 28 - December 15, 2015. 29 participants from 10 SAIs of the OLACEFS region participated in the course. After completion of the ecourse, they will take up the cooperative audit in their respective SAIs.

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