ISSAI Facilitators

The participants of the ISSAI Certification Programme who will successfully complete all three stages of the programme will be certified as the IDI-PSC ISSAI Facilitators. The roles and responsibilities of the ISSAI Facilitators as suggested by IDI are:

  1. Facilitating implementation of iCATs in the SAI – The ISSAI facilitators have been trained in planning, conducting and reporting on ISSAI Compliance Assessments Financial, Performance and Compliance Audit. It is recommended that trained ISSAI facilitators be a part of the SAI team that conducts iCATs in the SAI.
  2. Developing ISSAI Implementation strategy for the SAI – In 2013 the ISSAI facilitators will be trained in the development of ISSAI Implementation strategy based on the iCATs. It is recommended that they assist or be included in the management team that will draft the ISSAI implementation strategy based on the iCATs.
  3. Engagement with institutional level work in the SAI – The ISSAI facilitators are being trained not only in technical issues related to implementation of ISSAI at level 4 but they have also been exposed to SAI level issues at level 2. It is our recommendation that ISSAI facilitators be involved in SAI projects related to SAI independence, transparency, accountability, ethics and quality.
  4. Facilitating projects and programmes related to ISSAI Implementation in the SAI - The ISSAI facilitators can be used for facilitating a wide range of projects related to ISSAI Implementation. These projects could range from participating in the SAI’s drive to create awareness and buy in for ISSAI implementation, developing a SAI pool of ISSAI facilitators, developing ISSAI based manuals, conducting pilot audits, managing projects for ISSAI implementation, providing advice and support to colleagues in the SAI with regard to ISSAI implementation, engagement in knowledge sharing activities related to ISSAI implementation e.g. website, articles, seminars etc.
  5. Participation at regional and global level – As mentioned in the programme announcement, we hope that the ISSAI facilitators will not only facilitate ISSAI implementation at the SAI level, but also participate in ISSAI implementation activities at regional and global level.
  6. Participation in the 3i Community Portal – The ISSAI facilitators will also be expected to participate actively on the IDI’s 3i Community Portal, share knowledge and experiences related to ISSAI implementation and be an integral part of the ISSAI knowledge network and the community of practice. 

The list of participants of the participants is mentioned in the 3i Directory.