261 participants from 67 SAIs were selected to participate in the three ISSAI certification programmes. 96 for Financial audit, 81 for Performance Audit and 84 for Compliance audit. Region wise 80 participants from AFROSAI-E, 80 from ASOSAI, 43 from CAROSAI, 32 from EUROSAI and 26 from PASAI participated in the programme. While 261 participants attended the first e-course on iCATs, 232 participants completed all modules successfully (83 for financial audit, 77 for Performance Audit and 72 for Compliance Audit) participated in the 2nd eLearning course on Implementing financial/performance/compliance audit ISSAIs. After completing the Facilitating ISSAI Implementation workshop and submitting the individual Action Plan 201 participants have been certified as ISSAI Facilitators. Three iCATs, ISSAI implementation guidance materials and e-course material are developed. 

In ARABOSAI 82 participants have completed all stages of the certification programme and awaiting certification upon submission of the final iCATs. In OLACEFS 56 participants have been certified as ISSAI Facilitators and 6 as ISSAI mentors. In CREFIAF 96 participants are now undergoing the certification programme.