3i Partners

The ISSAI Implementation Programme is as a partnership programme between the INTOSAI Professional Standards Committee, its sub committees on Financial, Performance and Compliance Audit, INTOSAI Capacity Building Committee and relevant English speaking INTOSAI regions. The programme aimed at creating capacity for implementation of level 4 ISSAIs in financial audit (including compliance audit) and performance audit in the five English speaking regions of AFROSAI-E, ASOSAI, CAROSAI, EUROSAI and PASAI and in ARABOSAI and OLACEFS region.

Programme activities in the five English speaking INTOSAI regions has started in 2012, and in Arabic and Spanish speaking regions has started in 2014.

The IDI is partnering with following partners for implementation the 3i programme:



INTOSAI Capacity Building Committee


INTOSAI Regions 




Financing Partner               3i ARABOSAI



E-Learning Partner